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Pagrindinis » 2008 » Rugpjūtis » 11 » Alone In The Dark 5 (2008)
Alone In The Dark 5 (2008)
7:43 AM
Alone In The Dark 5 (2008)

Pavadinimas: Alone In The Dark 5
Metai: 2008
Set during 2008, the story continues with Edward Carnby, the main protagonist from the original game, looking for answers to strange supernatural and bizarre occurrences while battling his way through the opposition in New York City's Central Park.

The game story centers around rumors, allegations, and suspicions of clandestine activity in tunnels found below the park.

When browsing the official website, there are sections of the site dedicated solely to the mysteries of Central Park. Subjects of investigation include possibly mutated trees, unusual aviary migration behavior in the park, astounding insect invasion problems, as well as the park's value in real-estate; which is stated to be in excess of $528,783,552,000, a finding produced in 2007. In addition, the park's value is compared to the national defense budget, with the park being 26% higher in value than the defense budget in 2007. Also, to further support rumored reports of tunnels found below the park, it is said that the atom bomb was invented by instigation of the Manhattan Project. Conclusively, at the time of writing, there is a historical reference to a treaty between The Dutch and The British in 1667, in which The Dutch gained the island of Run in exchange for the Manhattan Islands.

Alone in the Dark will develop ties between these mysterious aspects of the park, while dealing with supernatural elements as well. Throughout the game, Carnby will be assisted by Sarah Flores, an art dealer, and Theophile Paddington, an elderly man who has knowledge about the weird happenings in Central Park. The main antagonist is another elderly man named Crowley, and is played out in a episodic format, like a TV show.


Alone in the Dark 5 (2008/ENG) - 7.84 GB





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